Information you Need to Know About Forensic Psychology Schools

Forensic Psychology is an amalgamation of two fields, psychology and criminal justice. Degrees offered by universities are interdisciplinary that typically combines clinical, developmental, social, cognitive or criminal investigative areas.

Professional Forensic Psychology Universities

Although there are many colleges and universities that offer a degree in forensic psychology, it is not necessary to get a formal degree. You may choose to adapt a degree in any discipline within the field of psychology to use in the legal system, provided it is an accredited program.

Forensic Psychology Schools that offer Bachelors and Masters Degree

John Jay College of Criminal Justice is part of the City University of New York system. They offer research and academic instruction in criminal justice. You can either choose a bachelor's degree in forensic psychology or a combined program that will allow you to graduate with both B.A and M.A in forensic psychology.

University of Denver offers courses in forensic psychology with emphasis on practical experience in the field. The program uses a combination of psychology and law to prepare students to work in criminal and civil justice system. Students in this university are allowed to work closely with private practices and government funded facilities for hands on experience.

Prairie View A&M, Texas offer forensic psychology graduate program that is designed to target juveniles in the civil and criminal justice system. The Master of Science in Juvenile Forensic Psychology is a two year program that concentrates on teaching research knowledge and skills required in forensic psychology.

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Forensic Psychology Schools that offer Doctorate Degrees

City University of New York offers Ph.D program in forensic psychology through John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The two tracks of this program are clinical forensic and experimental forensic psychology. Clinical forensic will help you become a licensed psychologist while experimental forensic psychology will prepare you for research and academic careers.

University of Arizona offers Ph.D in forensic psychology through which you can earn a degree in 'Psychology, Policy and Law' program.

Drexel University offers a fully accredited Ph.D in clinical psychology with emphasis on forensic psychology.

Online Forensic Psychology Schools

American Intercontinental University offers online bachelor degree program in Criminal Justice. This program covers all the areas related to forensic psychology such as criminal justice and juvenile justice processes, criminology, law enforcement, law adjudication and corrections.

The University of Liverpool offers online post-graduate program in forensic psychology and criminal investigation.

Cost to obtain a Degree in Forensic Psychology

Annual tuition costs vary depending on the school and the program you choose. The cost of doctorate program will approximately cost you around $3,500 per semester. Universities offering doctorate degrees usually make funding available for all students for four years through stipends and fellowships. The cost of online psychology degree may also vary, however you can help offset your education costs by taking advantage of grants, scholarships and financial aids offered by the schools. Online universities offer short term as well as long term courses and will cost you anywhere from $8,055 to $76,500. Non-state residents are required to pay slightly higher fees than state residents.

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